Hurricane Harvey has had a devastating effect on the greater Houston area and the entire southeast Texas region. More than a million Texans lost their homes, transportation, and more in the record flooding. The patients of San José Clinic, many of whom are low-wage, hourly workers, are among those most affected and in need of immediate help.

Since the Clinic facility did not sustain any damage during Hurricane Harvey, we were the first charity clinic in the greater Houston area to respond to the disaster.

To reduce the community’s financial and logistical stresses during this difficult time, we removed all restrictions and costs for care for the weeks directly after Hurricane Harvey. Dozens of Harvey-impacted patients have been seen at the Clinic since our expanded re-opening on August 30th. We have distributed medical supplies to shelters and other disaster sites, and joined forces with other safety-net clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and charity care clinics in the Houston area to ensure that our community is adequately served in this time of need.

By leveraging our established partnerships with Americares, Project HOPE, and others, we also expanded our reach and created a temporary satellite location including a mobile eye clinic in Rosenberg, TX to serve the hard-hit residents of Fort Bend County. On September 25th, a second satellite location was established in Angleton, TX to bring care to the underserved recoverees of Brazoria County. More than 1,000 visits were delivered in these rural, hard-hit areas.

In Harvey’s wake, San José Clinic has delivered nearly 3,000 patient visits and filled more than 3,500 prescriptions, with more patients coming in every day.

Recognizing the significant trauma resulting from Harvey, we have increased our focus on mental health services including additional training and support for our staff. We have also provided vital medication refills, eye exams and glasses, tetanus shots, and emergency dental care, as well as primary and specialty medical care.

The Clinic will remain available for the area’s recovering vulnerable individuals and families as long as we are able. However, one quarter of the Clinic’s annual budget comes from patient contributions, which have been waived in the wake of this disaster. Hurricane Harvey is just one of the many storms San José Clinic has weathered since 1922. While we were able to respond with agility and speed before the hurricane thanks to partnerships new and old, your support and generosity is needed more than ever before.

We will continue to stand strong for our community with your investment in our future and the health of our patients.

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