Grant Announcements

CompuGroup Medical US Expands Customer Base in Community Health – San José Clinic and its partners select CGM ENTERPRISE™ solution for two additional facilities.

CompuGroup Medical US (CGM) is proud to announce that CGM ENTERPRISE™, its ICD-10 enabled market leading practice management software suite for community health and beyond, has been selected as a software solution for the implementation of a healthcare quality collaborative headed by San José Clinic in Houston, Texas. The collaborative, formally known as the Shared Quality Program is comprised of two other facilities: Christ Clinic and TOMAGWA Charity Clinic.

Funded by a Grant received from the Community Clinics Funders’ Collaborative, the goal of the Shared Quality Program is to facilitate the capture and tracking of key healthcare quality indicators after metrics have been established for workflow processes and patient care. The collaborative was formed out of the necessity to achieve economies of scale by pooling the resources of the clinics together for the purpose of reporting on improvements, as they pursue the goals of the quality program. With over 90% of their income attributed to philanthropy, utilizing the expertise of a full-time quality project director based at San José Clinic, across all three facilities serves as an added advantage.

As one of the nation’s oldest safety net clinics and a leading provider of quality healthcare services for individuals and families in the Greater Houston area, San José Clinic lends its expertise and reputation as a pioneer to the collaborative. Having benefited from the robust reporting tools that CGM Enterprise has to offer to practice management, the clinic recommended it as an appropriate solution to its collaborative partners. CGM Enterprise supports maximum practice management as well as billing efficiency and effectiveness. With comprehensive tools that meet several reporting requirements, this software solution demonstrates versatility, tailored to the needs of Community Health.

Paule Anne Lewis, President and CEO, San José Clinic said, “This collaboration means a lot not only to the clinics involved but also to our safety net system. It provides us with a great example of truly collaborating and streamlining operations among clinics that have limited resources. With CGM as our software partner, we are confident that this collaborative will be a success.”

Commenting on the Shared Quality Program, CEO of CGM US and Senior Vice President North America, Norbert Fischl said, “Building on our strong customer base and market share in the community health segment, we are proud that San José Clinic has recommended our solution to its partners. It confirms our approach of being local and close to our customers, offering excellence in software solutions and services. We are thrilled that our practice management solution is contributing to the successful implementation of a quality initiative that will go a long way to improve efficiency of healthcare delivery and enhance health outcomes for vulnerable populations, the under insured as well as the uninsured. CompuGroup Medical is proud to serve these exemplary healthcare organizations as a health software partner.”

San José Clinic Awarded $35,000 Grant by the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust in Partnership with the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics

San José Clinic today announced it has received a grant from the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust, a private foundation created by CVS Caremark Corporation in partnership with the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics (NAFC), as part of the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust’s commitment to help support community health and expand access to quality health care. The grant will help San José Clinic support an integrated weight management, prevention and wellness program.

“The CVS Caremark Charitable Trust’s goal to increase access to health care and reduce overall health care costs is closely aligned with our commitment to providing quality healthcare to those in our community with limited access,” said Paule Anne Lewis, President and CEO of San José Clinic. “We are honored to receive this grant that will help us deliver better health outcomes in the greater Houston community.”

The free and charitable clinic grants are part of the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust’s $5 million commitment to supporting community health and expanding access to quality health care nationwide through partnerships with NAFC, the School-Based Health Alliance, and the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC).

“Through our partnership with NAFC, we are providing much-needed funding to support free and charitable clinics that help ensure that thousands of people throughout the country have the opportunity to benefit from health services right in their local communities,” said Eileen Howard Boone, President, CVS Caremark Charitable Trust. “We are honored to recognize San José Clinic and their work to provide access to quality health care that can create better health outcomes in the Houston community.”

San José Clinic to upgrade pharmacy with a $14,000 investment from Bank of America

At San José Clinic, Houston’s premiere charity care clinic, the on-site pharmacy distributes more than 20,000 prescriptions annually. This service allows patients immediate access to their medications at a reduced cost. For many of the Clinic’s patients, especially those with limited education and English capabilities, this immediacy improves medication compliance and disease management.

The pharmacy benefits many of the Clinic’s 4,500 patients, including those who are also receiving medical and dental treatment at San José Clinic – a number which is continuously growing. Keeping this growth in mind, the pharmacy department began proactively looking for solutions to reduce patient wait time and improve patient care.

“We reached out to Bank of America with a proposal to improve our pharmacy equipment since they have been so generous with their funding of San José Clinic in the past,” said Paule Anne Lewis, President and CEO. “Bank of America responded to the request with a generous $14,000 gift to help underwrite the purchase of a new Pharmserve software upgrade, which will help us continue to provide affordable pharmacy services to Houston’s uninsured.”

This upgrade to the prescription entry, inventory and ordering systems will improve the Clinic’s patient wait times, as well as give the pharmacy department added functionalities which will benefit the Clinic as a whole.

“Bank of America understands the singular impact and reach one organization, such as San José Clinic, can have on improving the health and overall well-being of our community,” said David Ruiz, senior vice president, marketing and corporate affairs, Bank of America.

Together, San José Clinic and Bank of America are changing lives by providing quality healthcare and education to those with limited access to such services in an environment which respects the dignity of each person. To learn more about what Bank of America is doing in the Houston area, visit To learn more about San José Clinic, visit